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Day Laborers RegisteringThe CARECEN Day Labor Center is in the heart of the Westlake neighborhood a portal for new Central American and Mexican immigrants arriving to Los Angeles. The Westlake area is one of the densest neighborhoods in the city with about 40,000 persons per square mile. The overall purpose of the Day Labor Program is to provide economic and social opportunities to day laborers and to develop economic self-sustainability strategies in the Los Angeles areas served by the program.

The Day Labor Center provides these services to day laborers seeking employment, including those who are unemployed or underemployment and live at, near, or below federal poverty levels. For the past 9 years, CARECEN’s Westlake Day Labor Center has an excellent legacy within the community due to its one-on-one intake process and relationship building between organizers and day laborers. Most importantly, working with the larger community to foster a positive outlook on the contributions of day laborers.​



The City of Los Angeles neither screens nor conducts background checks on the day laborers hired from this site. The City further makes no representation or warranty with respect to the qualifications of such day laborers or the quality of any work which they may perform.